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Graffiti Art since 1989

Political Murals

Nomen thought that the power of his art could contribute and awake the Portuguese people for a political and social revolution that it was needed at the time.

It was the year 2012, and Portugal was plunged into a deep social crisis, which had begun in 2010. The people were marching on the streets unhappy with their government, which many of them were corrupt and only served the interests of masonic groups, as a result of troika’s policies left Portugal, at that moment, as their hostage.  

Furthermore, the contributions and excessive sacrifices made by the taxpayer, lack of investment, unemployment, high interest rates from previous loans, and the lack of hope…

The Portuguese demanded the exit of the government of that time that was being manipulated by countries such as Germany and France.

The so called “Pigs”: Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain were the countries with a low contributory weight and with a low European voice and as well to Troika. Subsequently, Nomen thought that the power of his art could contribute and awake the Portuguese people for a political and social revolution needed at the time, critically presenting on this session some of the murals he painted with theme during those times of hardship.