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Graffiti Art desde 1989

Graffiti painted in a bedroom by Nomen, Lisbon

Services - Operation and Prices of Graffiti for Private Customers


How does this type of Graffiti Painting Service work at your House?


It's simple! Just get in touch with us via email or phone, and explain us what you need related to the painting and theme in your home, being it a Children´s room , Living room or other space. Tell us your idea or dream, nothing is impossible to do with our Graffiti painting service.


In addition to this information we will always need to know:

- Name and Email of contact.

- The geographical location where Graffiti painting work will be done.

- The size (approx.) of the wall or stand to be painted. If possible, please send some photos.

- Dates for when you want the job.

- Theme from the wall. Describe briefly what you want, if you want to add photos taken from the internet of images, or type of paintings that you like, to have an idea of ​​your personal taste, we will be happy to hear your idea and to find an artistic solution for you.


Projects and Sketches

In order to avoid surprises, our entire painting process involves a previous study and sketch, which could be a composition of images in Photoshop, in the case of the theme intended to be based on photorealism.

Or with digital pen if it is a freer, more carefree and fluid theme and therefore does not contemplate a realistic painting type.


Is the project free?

It will be free only for the case in which the customer makes a prior appointment of work with us for the payment of 30% of the amount agreed upon in the budget.

The project can be changed up to 3 corrections.



How much does a Graffiti cost?

To give an idea of ​​an average price of graffiti on your home, we've put these types of examples below.

- Wall 2m x 2m - Value between 600 and 1200 Euros. *

- Wall 4m x3m - value between 800 and 2000 Euros *

- Wall 10m x 3m high - value between 3000 Euros and 5000 Euros. *

- All other types of footage and situations such as painting of buildings, large-scale murals, please contact the artist in the contacts page.


* Prices vary depending on the complexity of the drawing and working hours, number of colors to use, geographical area etc. Please contact first to know the final price, the prices shown are without VAT, with the act of passing the invoice will add 23% VAT.



Frequently Asked Questions.


How long does a graffiti take?

Depending on the complexity of the design, a painting, for example 3m x 4m, may take between 4 and 10 hours of work.


After all who will do the graffiti in my home?

In case of being an area up to 50m2 will be the artist Nomen personally, in the case of larger murals we  will bring a painting helper or other artist to complement the work.


You still have not answered what I wanted to know about your work.

All right, contact me here, I'll be happy to answer you.

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