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Graffiti Art desde 1989

Worldwide Graffiti Services at Doha, Qatar





Create a new image to your space and bring more color and good energy to your home or company.

Below some examples of the artist’s work especially developed for companies and private customers.

Have you ever imagined your company with a Graffiti painted to suit your theme or business?

A painting that reflects the ideals of your Company, that contributes to make your space more pleasant, appealing and stimulating ...?

Walking a long way from its origins in the street this unique and attractive art can be done and personalized in your home, giving more life to your space and leaving the environment more engaging and unique. Graffiti intervention on entire walls, bedrooms, and other types of rooms. See more images down from previously graffiti works done by Nomen 

Workshops for children and adults are always fun and stimulating activities. A graffiti workshop with a creative touch is perfect for freeing the artist who lives within us. Overcome fears and learn about the most diverse spray painting techniques through a graffiti workshop with Nomen.

A graffiti workshop is still the ideal solution for your team building or corporate event activities.

Hire an artist like Nomen, who stands for excellence, to make a live painting at your corporate event branding, product launch, team building actions, private parties or even weddings. This service goes beyond being a fun and creative way to record your big day and have an unforgettable memory to keep and share with your employees, customers and friends.

Well ... maybe you have not thought about it yet, but your company's vehicle may be the perfect mobile carrier to advertise your business in an artistic, alternative and original way, thus escaping the very common and tedious use of vinyl placement advertising. Capture more audience and future work proposals by making your company's fleet profitable. 

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