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Graffiti Art since 1989


Video - Artistas BrayOne (PT), Sofles (Australia), Nomen (PT), Mister (PT)

Filmed and edited by Selina Miles. The painting was made in Lisbon.

Nomen graffiti work decor Star Wars Room 

Video - Live Painting during Archi Summit in Lisbon

Client: Margres - Ceramic Tiles

Filmed and edited by Diogo Robalo. Painting made by Nomen at Pavilhão Portugal (Portugal´s Pavilion), located at Parque das Nações in Lisbon. 

Video - Documentary Nomen, Exhibition "All in Wonder" 

 Exhibition of painting "All in Wonder" made by Nomen in March 2017 at Egypt´s Palace (Palácio do Egipto) in Oeiras.

Video - Nomen "Na Mira" - Chelas TV

 Interview for ChelasTV - programme Na Mira

Video - Nomen Paints Ferrari in a Garage

Filming and editing by Nomen.

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